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General Information

Changchun City is situated at the heart of Songliao Plains in northeast China, and it's counties and districts located at 124'18" - 127'02" east longitude, 43'05" - 45'15" north latitude.

The total area of Changchun is 20,571 square kilometers, including municipal areas of 2,583 square kilometers, and the municipal constructed area is 159 square kilometers. The city is 250 - 350 meters above the sea level. The city stands at the center of the three northeast provinces, and at the crisscross point of the third east-westward "Europe-Asia Continental Bridge".

Topographic Features

Changchun area shows the variety of topographic features combining mountainous regions, mesas and plains, accounting for 9 per cent, 41 per cent and 50 per cent of total area.

Water Resources

Changchun area is dotted with 222 rivers and lakes, the tributaries of Songhua River, Rinma River and Yitong River. Of them, there are 10 rivers cover a total water area of over 1, 000 kilometres, accounting for 4.5 per cent. The number of the river with a total water area range between 200 kilometres and 1, 000 kilometres is 206, making up 92.8 per cent. The rest 2.7 per cent is the 6 rivers with a total water area of less than 200 kilometres. Mushi River, Yinma River, Yitong River, Shuangyang River, Wukai River and Xinkai River, etc., situating from the east to the west, run all the way into the Second Songhua River.
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