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Home: Changsha
Geographically, Hunan is located in the south of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, stretching from 108°47′to 114°15′east of longitude, and 24°39′to 30°08′north of latitude.

Today's Changsha is the political, economic and cultural centre of Hunan Province , China . Five districts--- Furong, Tianxin, Yuelu, Kaifu and Yuhua, three counties---- Changsha County, Wangcheng, Ningxiang and one city--- Liuyang City are under its jurisdiction.

In addition, the city was home to other revolutionary leaders including Liu Shaoqi, Huyaobang and former Chinese prime minister, Zhu Rongji. Therefore, it acts as a good place to learn more about China's recent history.
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