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Home: Chongqing
Location: Located on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and straddling the region which connects the middle and western parts of China

Area: 82,400 sq km

Climate: temperature is 24-25 C, the average highest temp. 29-29.7 C, the average lowest temp. 20.6-21.4¡æ and the precipitation in the daytime 27-40%(light rain) during June 7-11 in the urban areas of Chongqing.

Provincial capital: Chongqing

Population: 30.90 millions (March 2001)

Ethnic groups: Han, Tibetan , Miao and other ethnic groups.

Agriculture: Chongqing has abundant produces and is an important production base of commodity grain, pork, silkworm cocoons, oranges, tangerines and leaf tobacco.

Industry: Chongqing is one of the old industrial bases in China, where three mainstay industries have taken shape, i. e., machine-building industry with automobile and motorcycle manufacture as the principal part, chemical industry laying emphasis on natural gas chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, and metallurgical industry represented by quality steels and aluminum materials, in addition to another four preponderant sectors, namely electronic information, foodstuff, building material and daily-use chemical product sectors, which have been fostered.
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