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Li River is one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet. It originates from the "first peak in south China", namely Cat Hill, Yuecheng Ridge in north Guilin. Liutong River is the main upstream of it, which flows south to the vicinity of Si Menqian, Xing'an County, joins east with Huangbo River, makes confluence west with Chuan River. The confluence is called Rong River. Joining Lingqu Water at Rongjiang Town, the 1600-meter-long river flows through Lingchuan, Guilin, Yangsuo to Leping and is called Li River.The 83 kilometers water path from Guilin to Yangshuo of Li River is the most typical area of karstic feature in northeast of Guangxi. The stream valley is plainly opened near Guilin City, where has the most famous landscape with Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Elephant Hill, Tower Hill and so on both sides.

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