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Being the capital of Guizhou province, Guiyang is the political, economical, educational and cultural center in Guizhou and also the ecological experimental city in the field of recycling economy in the country. The name Guiyang, abbreviated into Zhu, has been called for more than 400 years. The name stems from the location it lies at the south of Mountain Gui as well as its bamboos produced here which was made into musical instruments.

Guiyang is located amid the inland southeastern China area, at the east side of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Layers of mountains and deep valleys spread in this city. The city covers an area of 8034 sq.km with downtown area of 2403 sq.km. The average altitude is 1250m. It is under the influence of subtropical humid and mild climate, which is featured by no bad heat in the summer and no servere coldness in the winter. The air is not day here because of adequate sunshine and rainfall. No earthquake and no sand wind across the year. The annual temperature average is 15.3℃, annual precipitation is 1197mm, annual sunshine time is around 1278 hours, annual comparative humidity is 76.9%, forest-free period is 270 days. In its administrative area, the forest reaches 4.19 million Mu, making the forest coverage be 35%. The downtown area is encircled by mountains and verdant forest. It is called the Forest City and wins the good reputation of “There is heaven above, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou below, but the delightful climate is in Guiyang.” It is also called “Air-conditioned City” in the mean time. Guiyang was ranked in the first place for TOP 10 Tourism City of Summer Resort City in 2006 and was awarded the reputation of Capital of Summer Resort in China.
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