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Home: Harbin
Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province. This is a city of a combination of Chinese and Western style, a city of glittering and translucence, and a city of beauty and richness.

Harbin takes “Open & Inclusive,Vogue & Energetic, Credible & Responsible,Harmonious & Inspiring” as spirit of the city, and carries on the city spirit through the whole development course.

In history, Harbin is the congregation area for minorities in North China and the cradle of Jin & Qing Dynasty. Great-hearted, straightforward, errantry, brave, faith and enthusiasm are the special features of the Northern nationality. Harbin is one of the international cities with longest history in China. At the beginning of 20th century, with the construction of Middle-east Railway, Harbin became the financial & trade center and international commercial city in Northeast China. There were 160,000 foreigners from 33 countries living in Harbin, and 16 countries established consulates here. Foreigners took up near a third of Harbin’s population and lived in Harbin over 50 years. The interchange and interaction endow Harbin with strong European color and the immigrant culture feature of open and inclusive.

Harbin is well-know by the world due to its urban infrastructure, solid industrial foundation, advanced scientific and technological forces, abundant talent resources, as well as tremendous market potential.
You are cordially invited to invest in Harbin and to seek joint development with us.
City Overview
Geographic location: 125°42'~130°10' E and 44 °04' ~46 °40' N
Area: 53,100 square kilometers
Urban Area: 7,086 square kilometers
Administrative divisions: 8 districts and 10 counties(cities). They are Daoli Dist., Daowai Dist., Nangang Dist., Xiangfang Dist., Pingfang Dist., Songbei Dist., Hulan Dist., A-cheng Dist., and Wuchang City, Shuangcheng City, Shangzhi City, Bin County, Bayan County, Yilan County, Yanshou County, Mulan County, Tonghe County and Fangzheng County.
Population: 9.804 million, including 4.728 million urban residents.
Climate: the continental monsoon climate in mid-temperate zone with four distinct seasons. The city is covered with green and lilac in full bloom in the spring, very cool and an ideal place for leisure and vacation in the summer, invigorating with a clear sky and crisp air in the autumn as well as in white ice and snow world with beautiful graceful ice and snow scenes.
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