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Carrying the meaning of "the Green City" in the Mongolian language, Huhhot is the capital and the administrative, economic and cultural center lf Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Huhhot has under its administration 4 districts,4 counties,1 banner and 1 national level Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has a total land area of 17224 km2 including an urban one of 2054 km2 and a population of 2.58 million including an urban one of 1.5 million. It is an area inhabited by the 36 ethnic groups including the Mongolians as the main body, the Han as the majority, the Hui, Manchu, Korean, Daur, and Oroqen ethnic groups.

Huhhot is one of the famous historical and cultural cities of China and one of the origins of the Chinese civilization. Here, we have written records of over 2000 years ago, the relics of "Dayao Culture" indicating human activities of 500000 years ago, the Ancient City of Yunzhong of the period of Warring States, Zhaojun's Mausoleum evidencing the marriage between the princess of the Western Dynasty and the chief of the Xiongnu, Huayan Scripture Tower of the Liao Dynasty, and the Dazhao Temple, Xilituzhao Temple and 5-pagoda Temple of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and other famous historical sites. All this is a true record of the long history of Huhhot.
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