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Home: Jokhang Temple
Jokhang Temple. It is surrounded by Barkhor Street in the center of Lhasa. Being the spiritual center of Tibet, the temple is richly decorated with Tibetan features. It is where tourists can go to get a real taste of Tibetan culture.

Jokhang Temple was firstly built in 647 A.D. After restoration and building out for dynasties, it finally becomes a large-scale architectural complex. Jokhang Temple is the most glamorous existing architecture of Tubo Period in Tibet. It is also the oldest existing earth-wood building. There is more than 20 halls covering over 25,100 square meters. The main shrine was built as four-floors building with some typical Han nationality's style including golden roof and bracket set. However, the turrets and carved beams are Tibetan style while the 103 wood carving lying beasts and Sphinx standing in lines under eaves of the second and third floor are presenting the characteristics of Nepalese and Indian architecture. In the middle of the hall, there is a life-size gold-plating bronze status of 12-years-old Heroes for worship. In the annex halls on both sides, some status such as Songtsen Gampo, Wen Cheng Princess, Nepalese Chizun Princess are presenting for worship. There is a 1000-meter-long Tibetan fresco describing Wen Cheng Princess entered Tibet and the painting work describing the construction of Jokhang Temple in the temple. In addition, two embroideries of the guardian of Buddhism Tangka in the Ming Dynasty, which are two of the Esoteric Buddhism in Gulug from Tibetan Buddhism, are precious art works. Jokhang Temple is the center for important Buddhist activities in Tibet. After the 5th Dalai Lama established political power, the government institutions were set in the temple, mainly surrounding the two floors upon the yard. Many important political and religious activities are held here.

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