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Home: Confucius Temple
Confucius Temple offers sacrifice to Confucius, the renowned great ideologist and educationist of ancient China. The whole name of the temple is "Temple of Dacheng Sage Master and Wenxuan King", "Wen Temple" for short. Kongzi was respected as "Confucius" since ancient times, so the temple is also called "Confucius Temple". Nanjing Confucius Temple was the extension of Study Palace of Eastern Jin Dynasty built in the first year of the reign Jingyou of Song Dynasty (A.D. 1034). After that, this magnificent architectural complex experienced various vicissitudes and several rises and falls. It was reconstructed in the eighth year of reign Tongzhi of Qing Dynasty (A.D.1869) and then, seriously damaged by the fires set by Japanese invaders in 1937.After 1984, in order to protect the cultural heritage in this ancient capital, Najing Municipal Government took years to reconstruct and preserve them. Dacheng Hall makes the main part of Confucius Temple. With both Ming and Qing Dynasty style and mixture of temple-fair and streetscape, it is praised to be the characteristic scenery district of Nanjing and world famous resort. It was also named as one of the "National Top 40 Resorts" by the State.

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