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Nanjing is situated in the hilly areas of Nanjing and Zhenjiang in the lower reaches of Yangtze River,at 32:03N and 118:46E. It borders with the Yangtze River Delta to the east and the hilly areas of South Anhui to the west,adjacent to the water network of Taihu Lake in the south and the Jianghuai Plain in the north. With the "golden waterway" Yangtze River flowing through the city,it is 380km from the Yangtze River estuary to the sea,and about 300km to Shanghai,the largest city of China.

Nanjing is in the monsoon climate area of north subtropical zone,with clearly divided four seasons. Its annual average temperature is 16 degree centigrade,and the annual average precipitation 1034 mm.

Nanjing is one of important industrial bases in East China with strong industrial economic strength,accounting for about 1% of the country total in terms of gross industrial capability,and over 40% of the total economic volume of the municipality. Nanjing has a complete range of industrial sectors,with some outstanding components. Nanjing has built up a comprehensive industrial system with five mainstay industries of petrochemical,electronics,automobile,steel and power. information,petroleum and chemical and manufacture,covering 36 sectors of over 200 categories with more than 2000 major varieties.

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