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City wall of Nanjing is 33.5 kilometers long, more than 12 meters high, and 7.62 to 12.19 meters thick. The city is built on base of granite and the wall is built with huge bricks. The wall has 2000 blockhouses and 24 gates, one of which is Zhonghua Gate. Zhonghua Gate, also called Jubao Gate in ancient times, is the biggest gate in the wall as well as the biggest castle in China. Stretching 118.5 meters from east to west and 238 meters from south to north, it covers about 15 thousand square meters. It is well designed with structural integrity. There are three urn cities and four arches. The first gate is 21.45 meters high and each gate has double panel wood gate and orgue can start up and down. There are 27 soldier-reserving cavities reserve military supplies and hide soldiers as ambush. The bridle ways on east and west sides are precipitous and expansive, where the troops could transport the military supplies and the commanders could ride the horse right to the top of the wall. In 1955, Nanjing Municipal Government built Zhonghua Gate Square around Zhonghua Gate Castle, which increased near ten thousand square meters, improved the traffic condition, embellished the outdoor environment of the castle and brought it a more loft appearance with grandeur.

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