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Shenyang is the economical , cultural , communication ,trade and commercial hub of the Northeastern region of China ;it is also a major industrial and cultural city with historical importance . Shenyang is located at the center of the Northeast Asian economic ring and Bohai economic ring, so it has important strategic status . With its advantageous geographical position, Shenyang has tremendous absorbing , radiating and driving force to the whole country and even Northeast Asia.

Shenyang is located at 41°11'51"- 43°2'13" and 122°25'9" - 123°48'24"E in the central part of Liaoning Province and the Northeast Asia ,here is also the hinterland of Liaodong Peninsula. Within the scope of 150 kilometers diameter with Shenyang as the center ,7 large cities with foundation industries and processing industries are concentrated ,forming a cluster of cities with rich resources, strong complementary structures and highly connected technology in central Liaoning.

Shenyang is located at the juncture of Liaohe Plain and offshoot of Changbai Mountain. Its west part is a vast expanse of plain, and its east part is a mountainous region covered with green forests and plants. Shenyang belongs to the Northern temperate sub-humid continental climate, under the influence of monsoon , the rainfall is concentrated and four seasons are distinctive. The annual mean temperature is 8.3℃ with the lowest at –28.5℃ and highest at +36.1℃ . Its annual precipitation is 501.5mm and frost-free period is 183-day. It is cladded in silvery white in winter, permeated with the fragrance of flowers while birds are singing in spring ,covered with verdant greeneries in summer and it has clesr sky and crisp air in autumn.
Shenyang is rich in natural resources. It has 147,000hectares of forest and 82,000 hectares of pastureland. The total amount of water resource of water resource is 3,260,000,000 cubic meters ,including 1,140,000,000 cubic meters of surface water and 2,120,000,000 cubic meters of underground water. Thirty-six kinds of minetals have been discovered up to now ,among them, the deposit of 13 kinds has been ascertained, including 200,000,000 tons of coal and 10,700,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas.

Shenyang is the transportation hub of the Northeast . The superhighways extend in all directions , not only connecting all cities of the province , but also cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Harbin, and so on ,and those cities are approachable overnight. Shenyang has one of the heaviest traffic hubs of railway in China ,6 trunks intersect here toward each place all over the country . Here is also the only way to DPRK and Russia internationally . Shenyang Taoxian international Airport is the largest airport in the Northeast , it has air lines connecting 58 domestic cities and countries and regions, such as ROK , Japan ,Russia, Thailand , America , France , Australia , and so on .

With the urban development ,Shenyang is the first to determine the urban high-speed road transportation construction plan in the Northeast , aiming at constructing a urban public transport system with subway as the backbone in concerted development together with other transportation means , so as to meet the demand to modernized transportation . According to the overall urban planning , it is reasonably arranged , a 182.5-kilometer long high-speed rail communications network will be formed, it is composed of 5 routes including “4 lines and 1 loop” and 2 feeder lines .
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