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Home: Daxingshan Temple
Daxingshan Temple, located in the west street of Xingshan temple in Xi'an City, was built from the year of Taishi to Taikang(A.D.265-289) in the ruling of Western Chin Emperor Szu-ma Yen, it was called Zunshan temple in the beginning. In the second year of Kaihuang in Sui Dynasty (A.D.582), the emperor Yangjian made an expansion. Because the temple was built in Jinshan Fang in Daxing district, it was changed to "Daxin Shan temple". During the Emperor Sui Wenps ruling, Indian monks came to Chang'an in succession, and translated Buddhist scripture about 59 sections and 278 volumes in this temple. During the fourth year to the eighth year of Kaiyuan under the ruling of the Emperor Hsuan Tsung of the Tang Dynasty, the India monks Shan Wuwei, Jin Gangzhi and Bukong, called "Three Masters of Kaiyuan Reign", came and taught Esoteric Buddhism here. For this reason, Daxinshan temple became one of the three translation places of Buddhism translation in Chang'an as well as the origin of the Chinese Esoteric Buddhism. During the years of Huichang of Tang Wuzongis ruling (A.D841-846), was pulled down, and had been reconstructed for several times later. The most recovery happened at the time of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. At the time of Tongzhi Qing Dynasty, this temple was damaged again and only bell-tower, drum-tower and the front door survived. The existed temple constructures lie on the central axis in north-south. They are King Hall, Main Hall, Kwun Yam Temple, East-West meditation Hall, Hind Hall.

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