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Home: Big Wild Goose Pagoda
In order to worship the image of Buddha, Sarira-stupa and Scripture in Sanskrit which were brought from India, in the spring of Yonghui third year in Tang Gaozong's regin (A.D.652), Master Xuan zang asked Tang Gaozong to built Wild Goose Pagoda. The pagoda was completed in Oct. that year. Big Wild Goose Pagoda, located in the western tower courtyard, 180-feet high, five-storey, with bricks outside and earth inside, was rebuilt as a 7-storey building during 701-704 A.D. At present, with the layout in square, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is on a drill base which is 45 meter long and 5 meters high. The 7-storey, with bottom in 25 meters long, 64 meters from the ground to the top of the pagoda, is completed with bricks whose rubbed brickwork is very solid. There are stairs in the pagoda by which you can twists up to the top. There is an arch door-opening in each of the four sides of each store, on which you can overlook the scene by the railing. Stone door is designed for the four sides of tower's bottom. The door-mast is carved with excellent line-cut buddists. Big Wild Goose Pagoda, modeling simple and magnificent, is the graceful masterpiece in China architectural works of Buddhism. Ci'en Temple and Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the place where Master Xuan zang translate and collect scriptures after his return from India. Of the collections, there are a good many of Buddhism classics, which can show the eminent historical and cultural status of Ci'en Temple and Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

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