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Home: Epang Palace
Epang Palace, the most famous palace architectural complex in Chinese history, is splendid in scale and graceful sight. It was built in 212 B.C. After unifying China, the emperor Chin Shi Huang built the tomb at the foot of the Li Mountain while built the great Epang Palace in the Shanglin Parkland the south of the Wei River with the 700,000 prisoners and farmers. The palace had not finished yet when he died. So, the second emperor of Qing Dynasty continued the construction. In 209 B.C, the first peasant uprising in Chinese history broke out. Affected by the rebells, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, who participated in anti-Qing battle, broke into Xian Yang successively, so Qin Dynasty fell. Before Xiang Yu's left, he burned Epang Palace. It's said that the fire lasted for three months. "The fire of by Xiang Yu left nothing but ruins". The fire left endless regrets to the world.

In order to restore the original Qing Epang Palace, the municipal government rebuilt it in 1995 in Xi'an and opened up formally on 2000, Sep 25th. It is located in the old site of Epang Palace in west part of Hongguang road in the west suburb of old city of Xi'an city with 349980 square meters. Among it, the building area is 62400 square meters. Taking the pre-burned Epang Palace as parent body and on the basis of Epang Palace relics, it miniaturized lots of splendid architecture such as Epang Palace, six country royal palaces, the corridor, lying bridge, the magnet gate, heaven-worship- platform, the earth-sacrifice platform.

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