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Home: Forest of Stone Steles Museum
Xian Forest of Stone Steles Museum is located in the Three Leaning Street in famous ancient city Xian city (The reason why it called "Three Leaning Street" is because Chang'an Learning, Fu Learning and Xian Ning Learning of Qin Dynasty setting here). It is built for remaining Stone Scripture of Tang Wenzong in the second year of Northern Song Dynasty (1078 A.D). For over 900 years, the collected stone tablets have reached 3000 cube meters with the collection expansion and careful protection from one dynasty to another. There are six stone pavilions, seven stone rooms and eight stone porches, and there exhibits 1087 square meters of stones in all. In the exhibition hall of famous stones, it shows great many of stone scriptures of saints and philosophers; the ancient time's relics of mans of letters of the Qin and Han Dynasties; masterpiece of tombs of the Wei, Jin and Northern Dynasties; unrivaled calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty's masters as well as the smooth calligraphy of the Song Dynasty's celebrities. Most masterpieces even can add luster for Forest of Stone Steles, such as the terrific masterpiece produced by great calligraphy master, Wang Xizhi and painting sage Wu Daozi, and super works of painting and calligraphy made by Wang Wei. Xian Forest of Stone Steles Museum becomes an important part of the treasure house of Chinese historical relics because of its unique characteristic, and it is also published as the China's foremost protected monuments. Xian Forest of Stone Steles Museum is the art treasure house, which are China's earliest ancient stones and epitaphs and collect the most famous stones. It not only remains one of cultural focus place of ancient Chinese books and records of stone inscriptions, but is the biggest aggregation place of China's well-known calligraphy works in all ages, which possesses great historical and artist value.

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