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Home: Han Changling Mausoleum
Changling Mausoleum, the tomb of the Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty, is located near Sanyi village in Yaodian town in Xianyang city in Shan Xi Province. Emperors and Empresses can't be buried in the same tombs in terms of system of Han Dynasty. Therefore, "Changling Mausoleum" consists of two tombs of Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang and Empress Lu, Emperor Gao Zu's tomb is on the west, and Empress Lu's is on the east. The mound of Changlin Mausoleum is located to the west of the cemetery, the plane of bottom and top of the mound is in the shape of rectangular. It stretches153 meters east to west and 135 meters north to south, and 32.8 meters high, and the top of mound stretches 55 meters east to west and 35 meters south to north. Away from South-east of 280 meter of Emperor Gaozu's tomb, it is the Empress Lu's. The packed earth of Empress Lu is almost the same as that of Emperor, and is smaller than that of Emperor.

"Changling" is also called as "Changshan" or "Changlin shan". The reason why it called "Changlin" is because the location of it has an ancient name for "Changping" and "Chang Pingban". Some people believe that "Changlin" is named by the first Chinese character of "Changan". In fact, the tombs of first emperor in every dynasty are always called "Changling", so "Chang" means "Zhang". The accessory tombs of Changling include tombs of Xiao He, Cao Sheng, Zhou Bo, Zhou Yafu, Wang Ling, Zhang Er, Ji Xin, Ms Qi, Tian Ran and Lord Ping Yuan. Ganzu of Han dynasty (256 B.C to 195 B.C), the first emperor of West Han dynasty, word size Ji, belongs to Peixian in Sishui County of the Qin Dynasty (present-day Pei in Jiangsu Province)

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