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Home: Han Kangling Mausoleum
Kangling Mausoleum is lies in the west of Dazhai Village in Zhouling Town Weicheng District Xianyang City Shanxi Province. It is a joint burial mausoleum belonging to Emperor Pingdi of Western Han Dynasty, Liu kan and Queen Wang in different graves. The cemetery is a little square in shape with 423 meters long from east to west and 413 meters long from south to north. There was Que gates in the walls surrounded the cemetery but no relic now remains. The emperor's gravet in mausoleum is like an inverted bucket and the part near the top gradually collapsed to a flat 5.5 meters away from the top. The grave is 30.6 meters high and the base is 210 meters long. The grave of Queen Xiaoping(Queen Wang) lies 570 meters away from Southeast of emperor's grave mound is also inverted-bucket shaped with its bottom margin of 86 meters, top margin of 33 meters and height of 10 meters. There unearthed a great number of Han tiles. Emperor Pingdi of Han Dynasty, Liu kan(9BC-5AD), character-Le, was the grandson of Emperor Yuandi, niece of Emperor Chengdi and son of Liu Xing, King of Zhongshan. After Emperor Aidi died in June 1 AD, Wang Mang refused elder emperor for his desire of power and made 9-year-old Liu Kan the emperor in September. The next year, reign title was changed to "Yuan Shi". Emperor Pingdi had been on the throne for 5 years and died at the age of 14, buried in Kangling Mausoleum(25 miles from west Xianyang City in Shanxi Province.

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