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Home: Han Pingling Mausoleum
Pingling Mausoleum lies in southeast Dawang Village Pingling Town Qindu District Xianyang City and is the joint burial of Emperor Zhaodi of Han Dynasty, Lie Fu, and Queen Xiaozhao, Shang Guan. It got its name,"Pingling" for the place it is located in Han Dynasty, Shipiyuan(a place name. From the north bank of Weihe River, there are Xipingyuan, Heshangyuan, Zhouyuan, Jishiyuan, Shipingyuan, Biyuan, Meiyuan, Xuyuan and etc from west to east.) Grave mound in Pingling Mausoleum is 29 meters high and cemetery is in square shape with separate Que gates opposite to the grave in the 380-meter-long walls around. Currently the eastern and southern gates still remain. In the northwest corner of cemetery there is a remain of architecture of a large area and numerous Han tiles. In addition, there is square pillar base made of sands and an octagon well piled by bricks, where might be the rooms for the mausoleum defenders. The terrain of eastern grave is high in the middle and low around with tamped walls, which means the eastern grave is a cemetery with walls around. The eastern grave mound, 160-170 meters' long and 32 meters high, is found to contain passages of trapezoidal section in the middle of four sides outside the mound. The cemetery flat is quadrilateral and walls are 5 meters wide, the eastern wall is 404 meters long, the western 429 meters, the southern 416 meters and the northern 428 meters.

Emperor Zhaodi of Han Dynasty, Liu Fuling was the son of Emperor Wudi and he took the throne in 186BC when he was 8. Liu Fuling died in Wei-Yang Palace at the age of 21 in first year of Yuan Ping reign(174AD).

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