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Home: Han Yanling Mausoleum
Han Yanling Mausoleum is historical and cultural site under provincial protection in Shangxi. It lies in Majiayao Village Zhouling Town Weicheng District, which is 5 kilometers away from the north of Xianyang City. The mausoleum belonged to Emperor Chengdi of Han Dynasty, Liu Ao who was the son of Emperor Yuandi. He took the throne when he was 20 and has been emperor for 26 years. Since he over-indulged himself in wine and women and ignore the government affairs, his uncle, Wang Feng, arrogated all powers to himself and conferred a rank of nobility to all Wang's brothers. Although the natural disasters lasted for several years had made people lead tough lives, he still spent a lot on extensive building. The Changling mausoleum he ordered to build in Buchangting, Xi Village, Xinfeng Town was finally shutdown for the exhausted country after 5 years' work. Emperor Chengdi was buried in Yan Village, so the mausoleum was called Yanling. The grave is inverted-bucket-shaped with its bottom margin of 690 metersand height of 29.2 meters. And the the four Que gates are still there. There is grave of Imperial Concubine Ban 500 meters from the northeast of the mausoleum, called Chouniangniang Tomb. It is also inverted-bucket-shaped with its bottom margin of 320 meters, top margin of 14 meters and height of 30 meters. And there are another accompanied tombs distributed on its eastern side.

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