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Home: Han Yiling Mausoleum
Han Yiling Mausoleum is situated in Nan He Village, Zhou Ling Township, Weicheng District, 6.5 kilometers north of the Xian Yang city. It's Emperor Ai of Han, Liu Xin's mausoleum. Liu Xin(25 B.C.-1 B.C.) is the son of Handingtao King, Liu Kang. He was conferred the title of prince since Hancheng Emperor had no male successor. Liu Xin was enthroned at 20, reigning for 6 years. They were the latter years of Western Han Dynasty. The peasant uprising expanded to Chang'an, hungry people had climbed onto the roofs of houses with firebrand, beat drum and cried slogans. After dead of illness, Liu Xin was buried in Yiling Mausoleum. The grave is of an inverted-bucket shape, with 650-meter long bottom perimeter, 30.41-meter height. Empress Fu's mausoleum is located in its east. There are 15 attendant tombs. Joint grave of Ai Emperor and Empress Fu is located in 620 meters to northeast of the memorial park. Empress Fu was the daughter of Marquis Kongxiang, Fu Yan. After enthroned, Liu had her conferred the title of Empress.

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