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Home: Huaqing Hot Spring
Huaqing Hot Spring, a famous hot-spring resort in China, is located at the northern foot of Lishan Mountain, 30 kilometers east of Xi'an. According to the historical records, hot-springs here were discovered around 3000 years ago, during the West Zhou Dynasty. There are four springheads for Huaqing Hot Spring. The earliest one was discovered in West Zhou Dynasty (B.C. 1100- B.C. 771) and the other three were explored after the founding of PCR. The total flow is more than 100 tons per hour and the temperature is 43 C. As a resting palace for ancient emperors and a place of sightseeing, Huaqing Hot Spring has enjoyed a 3000-year history. Emperors of many dynasties such as Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, had built temporary imperial palaces and resting parks here to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing. It's said that Zhouyou Emperor once had built a temporary imperial palace here, then rebuilt and renovated continually during the Qin, Han and Sui dynasties that followed. It experienced several renovations in Tang Dynasty and then was named as Tangquan Palace first and changed to Hot Spring Palace later. In the reign of Tang Xuanzong Emperor, large-scale construction was carried through; the well was built into a spring and palaces were built around the mountain, then it was named as Huaqing Palace. Since the palaces are located on the spring, it's also called Huaqing Hot Spring.

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