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Home: Hukou Waterfall

Hukou Waterfall is a natural waterfall, formed by the Yellow River when it passing by the Jinxia Great Canyon. It borders on Yichuan County, Shaanxi Province in the west, Ji County, Shanxi Province (they are two different provinces though their English names are almost the same) in the east. It's the second largest waterfall in China, only after the Huangguoshu Fall. The Hukou region of the Yellow River is surrounded by mountains along the banks. The water is limited within the narrow Yellow River Canyon, shrank into one large steam, surging forward, jumping into deep pool mouth, following by rolled waves. This scenery looks like boiling water in large bottle. After jump down to the bottom of the canyon from the existing fall, enormous waves will activate heavy spray and cloud, presenting a mysterious and beautiful view. Each season in Hukou has its beauty: frozen river is peaceful without billow in winter, ice-jam flood rushes past with thunder in spring, spectacular summer witness magnificent sight of deluge flooding the banks, and the river flow leisurely and freely, stretching to the sky like a rainbow in fall. The width of Hukou Waterfall changes with season's change. Usually, the width is around 30 meters and it will expand to about 50 meters in flood season. The normal range for the head drop is from 20 to 30 meters. There is the Yellow River Qilangwo Bridge in the place 3 kilometers away from the waterfall downstream. It connects the two provinces. There are numerous folklores about Hukou Waterfall. It's said during the time of Yao and Shun, there were lots of heavy floods in Pingyang area since the water would be blocked by Mengmen Mountain when the Yellow River past by Hukou. First, Yao send Xi to prevent floods by water control, but he failed. Then, another official, Yu took the responsibility. He researched and studied the topography of region from Hukou to Longmen carefully. Then he decided to take the strategy of controlling the water by dredging the Yellow River. Since Mengmen Mountain is located to the north of Longmen, the whole water control project is from Mengmen Mountain.

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