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Home: Maoling Mausoleum
Hanwu Emperor's mausoleum, Maoling Mausoleum is located in the west of Xianyangyuan, 15 kilometers northeast of Xingping County, Shaanxi Province. The memorial park is a square with 430-meter side length, constituted by the inner city and the outer city, covering 178020 square meters area. There are gates on the four directions of the rampart. The remains of Eastern Gate, Western Gate and Northern Gate are still visible. In the middle of the park, there is Hanwu Emperor's mausoleum. It's of 46.5-meter-high inverted-bucket shape. The sealing top is 39.5-meter-long from east to west, 35.5-meter-long from north to south; the bottom is 231-meter-long from east to west, 234-meter-long from north to south. The ruins of Baiheguan Palace is located in 350 meters to southeast of Maoling Mausoleum. It's an auxiliary building of the repose palace, built to entertain the occupant. This irregular rectangle soil platform, which is called Baihe Grave now, is 53-meters-long from east to west, 40-meters-wide from north to south and 5-meters-high. To the east to the memorial park, there is the original temple for Hanwu Emperor, called Longyuan Palace. To the southeast of the park, the ruins of Maoling City were found. This city was built in 139 B.C. 13 attendant tombs of Maoling Mausoleum were discovered. All of them were to the east of Maoling Mausoleum except Hanwu Emperor's favorite concubine Ms Li's. Her tomb is to the west. According to the historic records, the occupants of these attendant tombs including Gongsun Hong, Shangguan An, Shangguan Jie, Ms Jin, Li Yannian, and so on. Hanwu Emperor, Liu Ce(156 A.D-87 A.D.), whose father was Liu Qi and mother is Queen Wang succeeded to the throne at 17, after his father passed away. He had ruled this country for 54 years (from 140 A.D. to 87 A. D.) and died due to illness. He was buried in Maoling Mausoleu. Hanwu Emperor is one of the greatest feudal emperors with talent, strength and foresight in the history.

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