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Home: Flourishing Teaching Temple
Flourishing Teaching Temple, the old world-known temple, is located in ShaoLin YuanPan, 20 kilometers south of Chang'an County in Xian city. The eminent monk Xuan zang died in 664 AD, and is buried in Bai Luyuan. In the second year of Tang Gaozong's regin(669A.D), he was buried again in Feng Xiyuan in Pan Chuan, where built the stupa-Xuan Zang tower. Xuan Zang tower is in the middle of courtyard of Flourishing Teaching Temple, the back of tower is embedded Da Bianjue tower's scripture, which is craved in the Forth year of Tang Wenzong (830A.D). His follower, Master Yuan Ce, is buried in the PeiSi Tower, left of Flourishing Teaching Temple; another follower, Master Kui Ji, is buried in the Peisi Tower, right of Flourishing Teaching Temple.

His son Tang Suzong titled for the tower with two characters "Xin Jiao", which means greatly developing Buddhism, that is why named "Da Tang Hu Guo Flourishing Teaching Temple". With high elevation and large scale, Xin Jiao Temple is listed at the top of Eight Temples in Pan Chuan. Flourishing Teaching Temple is faced South, with two bell towers lined inside of both side of the temple, which presented the solemn scene for tourists. Overlooking the Zhong Nan Mountains, it shows rise amid permanent peaks and beautiful scene. Flourishing Teaching Temple is the famous tourist resort, which is attracted by Buddhist for paying their respect Xuan Zang. Inside of the temple, it has the Bronze Buddhist Sculptures and Burma jade scriptures, and also possesses thousands of scrolls in all ages.

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