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Home: Qinghai Lake
There lied Qinghai Lake in the Qinghai Lake Basin, northeast of Qinghai Province and about 200 kilometers far from Xining. It is the biggest inland lake as well as the biggest salt water lake in China. The lake coves 4500 square kilometers and rises 3200 meters above the sea level, and the depth of it can reach 32 meters. The water in the lake comes from surface runoff and rainfalls. It has more than 40 influent rivers, mainly are Buha River, Bagewulan River, Daotang River and so on, among which Buha is the biggest river. The lake would freeze up every November. The ice has a depth of more than half meter and won't melt in 6 months. Qinghai Lake Bird Island is situated in the east of Qinghai Lake, top of which rises 7.6 meters from the lake surface. The island is about 500 meters long and 150 meters broad, covering 0.8 square meters. It is the place for inhabitation and multiplication of a dozen kinds of migratory birds, such as bar-headed goose, Larus ichthyaetus, Larus brunnicephalus, cormorant and so on. And the Bird Island has been set up as a natural preserve.

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